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5 Keys to Building a Healthy Team – EHS Leadership Podcast

Posted on August 2nd, 2017

Building healthy teams is one of the primary tasks for every leader, whether that leader is a lead pastor, a para-church ministry department head, a nonprofit or marketplace executive, a church board member, or a small group leader. In this podcast I summarize 30-plus years’ experience of building teams into 5 key points:

  1. A Healthy You
  2. A Clear Vision
  3. Time and Thoughtfulness
  4. The Acknowledgement and Confronting of Elephants; and
  5. Mature Supervision

The nuances and specific suggestions are what makes this podcast so different from other material I have written on the subject (e.g. “Culture and Team Building” chapter in The Emotionally Healthy Leader book).

I pray God uses this to challenge and equip you with fresh perspective in the great work of team building.

Listen at the button below. Enjoy!



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