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How to Lead the EH Spirituality Course |
October 31st, 2017 1pm-4pm EST

A Live Stream Training Event with Pete Scazzero
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How to Lead the EH Relationships Course |
November 28, 2017 1pm-4pm EST

A Live Stream Training Event with Pete Scazzero
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The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Summit

April 25 - 26, 2018 Mobilizing Churches Around the World to Deeply Change Peoples Lives

Discipleship that Deeply Changes Lives

The EH Spiritualty Course

Discipleship that deeply changes your relationship with God

EH Relationships Course

Discipleship that deeply changes your relationships with others

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The EHS Personal Assessment

Are You an Emotional Infant, Child, Teen, or Adult? This powerful diagnostic tool enables you to determine your level of spiritual/emotional maturity.


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  • Oct 23

    I was struck today by Jesus' warning to leaders that nowhere is careless speech more dangerous than when spoken by us! (Matt12:36)

  • Oct 23

    When we resist the demonic desert temptations (popularity, power, speed) we join Jesus to break Satan's power in our life+for those we lead.

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