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Quit Dying to the Wrong Things - Chapter 3
Posted on: Monday September 06, 2021

Many Christians live unhappy, unfulfilled lives.  Tired, frustrated, and often resentful, they slowly burn out wondering what went wrong. They are dying to the wrong things...depriving your-self of God-given gifts and pleasures that nurture your unique life in him.

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Monday September 06, 2021

Lying is so much a part of our world.  It is so deeply ingrained that we rarely notice it. Every culture and every family has their own unique way of spinning half-truths, withholding facts, and avoiding awkward moments. We lie with our words, smiles and our body language. We think nothing of it because "everyone does it".  We shouldn't be surprised that lying is also pervasive in the Christian community.

Monday September 06, 2021

Based on the book, The Emotionally Healthy Woman, author Geri Scazzero shares candid conversation about following Jesus and summoning the courage to quit anything that does not belong in his kingdom or fall under his rule.  In this 8 episode podcast series, Geri provides a way out of inauthentic, superficial spirituality to genuine freedom in Christ.  

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 Podcasts