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Category Archives: Podcasts

Contending for Deep Rest in a World of Unrest

Every day, people all around us live in a chronic state of dread, anxious about what tomorrow will bring. Nations and economies are crumbling. News media agitates our deepest fears. It often feels like the ground is shaking beneath our feet. In a time like this, it is critical that we continue to LIVE and LEAD out of deep rest in Christ. But how do we break free from the gravitational pull of bad news and despair? I believe we must recalibrate a biblical vision of HOPE. (Hint: it’s more than optimism) Let’s be clear – this doesn’t happen easily. We must contend for God’s vision of reality and vigilantly pursue deep rest in Christ. In today’s podcast episode, I share keys to cultivating hope and deep rest. With you on the journey, Pete Scazzero  

Emotionally Healthy Hiring (Paid or Volunteer) Pt. 2

Hiring new staff (paid or volunteer) is one of the most difficult responsibilities of church leadership.  The difference between the right hire and the wrong hire will have a long-term consequences in your church. Two weeks ago on the podcast, I brought the first part of “Emotionally Healthy Hiring (Paid or Volunteer)”, in which we covered the first 7 principles that leaders must consider before making a hire. Today, I bring the second part, offering the next 6 out of 13 principles for emotionally healthy hiring. (It’s shocking to hear how often principle #11 is overlooked when hiring staff!) ➡️ Along with this episode, today we launch a FREE resource bundle to help you craft a “Rule of Life” for your staff and leadership team. I pray it is helpful! With you on the journey, Pete Scazzero

Emotionally Healthy Hiring (Paid or Volunteer) Pt. 1

Churches around the world are rebuilding in a post-pandemic world. Leaders are assembling new teams and desperately trying to fill vacant positions. The temptation to cut corners in your hiring process (paid or volunteer) is ENORMOUS. When you feel the pressure to onboard a new worship leader or children’s pastor in order to keep “the wheels on the bus”, it’s easy to make poor hiring decisions. In my experience, hiring staff and leaders is one of the most difficult tasks of church leadership. I’ve made plenty of mistakes (some disastrous). The truth is – one bad hire can sabotage the culture you are building in your church. And the right person, hired at the right time, can breathe new life into everything you are doing. In today’s podcast, I share 7 out of 13 principles that MUST be considered before your next hire. On the following podcast, I will release part two of this series with the. Read more.

Don’t Trade Your Inner Life for the Illusion of Momentum

Today, very few church leaders feel like they are winning. We look at our churches compared to what they used to be or what we’d like them to be, and it’s hard to feel like we’re making a real difference. So we’re faced with a difficult temptation… Do we use our best energy to chase the perception of momentum? Or do we pursue heaven’s perspective and seek to live with integrity from the inside out? In the book of Revelation, we get a snapshot of the condition of 7 first-century churches. Through John’s revelation, Jesus addresses each church uniquely. They were different in the challenges they faced, but here’s what was common. They each had a limited perception of reality and desperately they needed the Light of heaven to illuminate truth in a fresh way. In the same way, we all need to see things from Jesus’ perspective. When we do, we’ll be free to live and lead. Read more.

Living in the Desert Without Leaving Your Life

Great news! I’m officially back from my summer sabbatical and I’m excited to share with you insights from my time away. For years now, I’ve been thinking about today’s topic and my conviction only grew deeper as I reflected over the last two months. In the 3rd – 5th centuries, early Christian men and women fled to the desert to escape the moral compromise in the church and the idols of the world. They did this, not out of self-righteousness, but in order to send a life raft to the church and be a gift to the world. The truth is – we must find a new way to live as desert fathers and mothers if we are going to live with deep peace and a powerful witness. But how can we do this today without leaving our work, families, and other responsibilities? In today’s podcast, I share 8 ways you can create for yourself. Read more.

Silencing the Seductive Voice of Your False Self

One of the most destructive temptations leaders face is living and leading from the veneer of a “false self”.  In other words, we project an image of how we’d like to be perceived, rather than living from truth. How would you know if this is you? Here are a few symptoms… 7 Symptoms of the False Self:  (continuum from mild to severe) I am reluctant to admit my weaknesses and flaws to others. I look for the approval of others more than I should. I am highly “offendable” and defensive when people criticize me. I say “yes” when I would rather say “no”. I have difficulty speaking up when I disagree or prefer something different. My fears often cause me to play it safe “just in case.” My body is more often in a state of tension and stress – rather than relaxed. Do any of these sound familiar? In today’s podcast, I share a sermon from. Read more.