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Category Archives: Podcasts

Maturing into Spiritual Mothers & Fathers

I want to clarify something… Becoming an emotionally healthy disciple is not just about self-discovery and self-improvement. Ultimately, our discipleship MUST lead us to become spiritual mothers and fathers of the faith – helping those around us discover their God-given power and purpose. In the gospel of Mark, we get a clear picture of how Jesus does this with a leper, a paralytic, and a tax collector. In each encounter, he steps into their lives and rewrites their story. He reveals their true identity, giving them beauty, power, and a voice that matters. This is what God has done for us, and this is what we must do for the world. The truth is – you can be 70 years old and still be an emotional infant. Or, you can be 30 years old and already be a spiritual mother or father. In today’s podcast, I share a message that invites us to become spiritual mothers. Read more.

Prudence: The Lost Virtue of Great Leadership

Many great leaders of the past can be distinguished by one often overlooked virtue: Prudence. In Luke 16, Jesus tells a parable of a shrewd manager, who handles his wealth differently than others. Jesus then makes the connection that this non-Christian manager has something to teach his disciples. The Bible has much to say about growing in prudence. In a world of reactivity and short-term decision-making, we would do well to become shrewd leaders, able to be forward thinking leaders. On today’s podcast, I share a sermon that will help you grow as an emotionally healthy leader – prudent with your time, wealth, energy, and resources. Only with prudence are we able to become the kind of leaders who create and shape the future!

5 Questions to Guide You in Decision Making

Are you facing a large decision requiring great discernment? Recently, I made a large, consequential decision over the period of 3 – 6 months. This discernment process required me to personally apply the principles of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship in a deep way. In today’s podcast episode, I will walk you through the specifics of this real-life decision, why it was complex, and five questions that guided me in this decision-making process. We are all eventually confronted with consequential decisions – especially those who lead. I pray these five questions better equip you to discern the will of God in your life and ministry.

Ask Pete Anything: Q&A on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

For the last 9 weeks, we’ve been exploring the core theology and practices of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. But now it’s time to address your questions and challenges as you put it into practice. In today’s episode, I address questions like: What’s the difference between hitting a “wall” and going through a trial? How do you handle the defensiveness of leaders who feel like Emotionally Healthy Discipleship is an “indictment” on modern evangelicalism? Can you talk through the difference between persistent faith in asking God for something, and straying into the “name it and claim it” territory?  How do you find faith and hope in seasons of prolonged disappointment and pain? How do I take a sabbath without my spouse and leadership team sabotaging it?  And more Don’t forget, if you missed the first episode on The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality, you can listen to it here.

Go the Next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life”

Over the last several weeks, we’ve explored essential practices for growing into an emotionally mature adult – Practicing Silence & Solitude, Embracing Grief and Loss, Sabbath-keeping, Daily Office, and more. But how do we actually integrate these practices into our daily lives?Without a thoughful plan, we are left with only our best intentions. Today on the podcast I teach you how to develop a “Rule of Life” – an ancient practice that helps you build your life around the love of God. This podcast is part of a multi-week series in which we explore the seminal work from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. If you are a pastor, leader, or listener and you want to start the journey toward emotional and spiritual health, this series is a must-listen. If you missed the first episode on The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality, you can listen to it here.

How to Grow into Emotionally Mature Adult 

Here’s a scary truth…. You may be chronologically 35 or 55 or 75 years old, but still be an emotional and spiritual child. Or as one person put it…”I had been following Jesus for 22 years. But in reality, I was a one-year-old Christian 22 times.” This was my story for too many years. I was an emotional infant who was stuck. I was leading a church while my marriage and family were suffering. By God’s grace, I realized that something needed to change. The truth is – emotional health and spiritual maturity are inseparable. It is impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. What about you? Are you an emotional infant, child, adolescent, or adult? In today’s podcast episode I bring the last of a multi-week podcast series in which we explore the seminal work from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. If you are a pastor, leader, or listener and you want to start the journey toward emotional. Read more.