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Relationships Pt. 2: Slay the Dragon of Wrong Assumptions

Much of the pain we experience in relationships is the fruit of wrong assumptions. Assumptions are like a dragon that seeks to destroy our well-being. ·      People quit their jobs over wrong assumptions ·      Churches split over wrong assumptions ·      Couples divorce over wrong assumptions ·      Families stop talking to one another over wrong assumptions. When we make assumptions about others without checking them out, it’s easy to start telling ourselves stories about them in our heads that are not true. We are bearing false witness in our own thoughts, resulting in damaged relationships. The principle is simple: NEVER assume you know what a person is thinking or feeling.    In part two of this series, Geri Scazzero is joined by her husband Pete, to explore the 8 essential relationship skills everyone must adopt in order to cultivate emotionally healthy relationships. This skill is called “STOP. Read more.

Relationships Pt. 1: Unleash Your God-given Voice

✅ FREE DOWNLOAD: Access the “Community Temperature Reading” Video and PDF for free — To cultivate healthy relationships, everyone around you must feel empowered to communicate clearly and honestly. In part one of this series, Geri Scazzero is joined by her husband Pete,  to explore the first of 8 essential relationship skills every leader must adopt in order to unleash the God-given voice of our people. Together, they’ll model a powerful skill called “Community Temperature Reading” and talk about how it applies to relationships in leadership and life. Without this skill, people feel silenced – unable to speak truth and creating the conditions for an environment of frustration, resentment, and judgement. Imagine leading a church where every staff, leader, and volunteer knows how to communicate clearly. Imagine a culture, where everyone feels safe to tell the truth and has the skills needed to do so. Imagine the unity that is possible when every voice is. Read more.

7 Qualities of an Emotionally Healthy Church Board

One of the most difficult and nuanced callings is serving as a board member of a church or ministry. This role is both legal and spiritual, affecting the entire church culture. Very few are trained to do it well. Sadly, often it is only after a crisis or scandal that people realize the “Board” was not really functioning, trained, or doing what they were entrusted to do. But the truth is – that healthy, thriving, flourishing churches have healthy, thriving, flourishing boards. In today’s podcast episode, I outline the 7 must-have qualities for building an emotionally healthy board. When your board gets these 7 things right, everyone in your church wins for the long haul.

How (and How Not) to Choose Your Next 3 and 12 Disciples

📺 FREE WEBINAR: Develop High-Impact Leaders in Your Church Get a roadmap to disciple the next generation of leaders. Register for the next webinar: —————————- Pastors and leaders want to make an exponential impact for Jesus. We often spend our energy on what will affect the most amount of people. So we prepare cutting-edge weekend services, craft sermons for large groups, publish social posts that we hope will have a viral reach, all while squeezing in time for people when we can. But when we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he focused his time on a few. In fact, he turned the world upside-down by concentrating his ministry on 12 men! In today’s podcast, I answer common questions like “How do I choose just 3 or 12 disciples?”, “Who should I be looking for? (and, who should I avoid?), and “What do I actually do with them?” This is not easy and fast work, but. Read more.

5 Relationships Every Leader Needs to Flourish

✅ How Healthy is Your Leadership? Take this short and free quiz to find out. // —————————- The quality of the people who surround you will determine the success of your leadership. Because there is undeniable loneliness in leadership, it is ever more important that we evaluate our relationships on a regular basis. Sadly, far too many pastors and leaders choose to go it alone, or surround themselves with foolish counsel (in the form of wrong relationships) That’s why in today’s podcast, I explore the five types of relationships you need in your life in order to flourish as a leader or pastor. Honestly, I wish I had this list 30 years ago. It would have saved me from confusion, foolish decision-making, and unnecessary isolation!

How to Face the Loneliness of Leadership

✅ FREE EMOTIONAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT: In 15 Minutes, Discover How Emotionally Mature You Are // —————————- In this episode, we explore a topic that’s as old as leadership itself: the loneliness that often accompanies the role of leadership. From the slowness of change to the weight of difficult decisions, from the sting of criticism to the ache of betrayal, leadership can often feel like a solitary journey. But we can take heart because all throughout the Scriptures leaders have grappled with this very same loneliness. And yet, loneliness can become destructive when it turns into isolation.  In today’s episode, I share 4 critical steps that leaders must take to navigate loneliness while remaining healthy and whole.