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10 Turning Point Lessons from New Life

Posted on April 16th, 2014
  1. Character is more important than gifting. Being is more important than doing.
  2. Do not rush. When decisions were made quickly, without pausing to pray, think, and process implications, we have had regrets.
  3. Each leader need to take responsibility and initiative for their own growth and development.
  4. Clarity of vision results in a unified leadership, and unified leadership reinforces the vision.
  5. Extended Sabbatical rest releases new, life-giving initiatives from God and enables us to serve out of a cup that overflows.
  6. Face the truth and act on it, even if it hurts.
  7. Enforce our values. When we have compromised on this, due to expediency, it has been costly, damaging our integrity as well as our long-term mission and effectiveness.
  8. Be faithful to our “charism,” the grace from God that is uniquely ours. Learn from other streams and ministries, but be content in our particular gift and DNA from God.
  9. Intentional mentoring and development of individuals is key to bearing fruit long term. To skip this has never worked.
  10. Take the time to do theological reflection and to capture insights, especially from mistakes and failures. Codify these learnings into new tools to train leaders and deepen your ability to spiritually form your people.
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