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Top Signs of Not Being in “Loving Union”

Posted on February 11th, 2014

There are few more important questions for leaders today then to discern the signs of when we are, or are not, walking in loving union with Jesus. Like an oil light in a car, these signs serve as warning signs to slow down and adjust our lives. They will be slightly different for each of us, depending on our vulnerabilities. The following are the top 12 that call out to me that something is not in order in my work as a pastor/leader:

Top 12 signs of not being in loving union with Jesus

1. I feel anxiety in the tenseness and tightness in my body.
2. I am not present or listening intently.
3. I feel pressure, with too much to do in too little time.
4. I am rushing.
5. I give quick opinions and judgments.
6. I am fearful about the future.
7. I am overly concerned with what others think.
8. I am defensive and easily offended.
9. I am preoccupied and distracted.
10. I am resentful of interruptions and abrupt.
11. I am manipulative, not patient.
12. I am unenthusiastic or threatened by the success of others.

What might you add to this list?

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