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The Challenge of Culture and Team Building

Posted on March 1st, 2016

Creating healthy cultures and teams are among the most important tasks for every leader, especially Christian leaders.  Why? The kind of cultures God has called us to create and develop is radically different than that of the world.

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Next week on Tuesday, March 8th, I will be offering a free Webinar on this theme. Click HERE to register.

While building culture is more an art than a science, a few characteristics are indispensable to emotionally healthy culture and team building.  



  • Work Performance and Personal Spiritual Formation are Inseparable
  • The Elephants in the Room are Acknowledged and Confronted
  • Time and Energy are Invested in the Team’s Personal Spiritual Development
  • The Quality of People’s Marriages and Singleness is Foundational

What I love most about these live Webinars is the time dedicated to real life case studies and Q & A. It takes beyond the main points written into the crucible of nuanced application. So let me encourage you read chapter 7 in The Emotionally Healthy Leader beforehand and send questions/case studies to

Finally, consider the chart below.  It provides a helpful glance at the differences between standard and emotionally healthy culture and team building.

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