• The great contrast of Jesus’ discipleship in the 1st century with the 21st century Western church.
  • The intersection of EH Discipleship with attachment and family systems theory.
  • The important contribution of neuroscience research to transformation.
  • Practical training to do an in-depth “genogram” with leaders beyond the Course.
  • Important ways church history, and historical theology, deepen the EH Discipleship Courses.
  • Helping people make the large transition of integrating silence and stillness in their relationship with Jesus.
  • How to do in-depth training of Small Group Table Leaders for maximum impact.
  • Best practices from churches around the world doing EH Discipleship.

Our purpose is to equip you with powerful practical and biblical tools to successfully embed Emotionally Healthy Discipleship into the DNA of your churches and organizations.


Note: On April 24th from 12pm – 4pm, we will host lunch for our international guests from outside the United States.

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