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Five Reasons to Download The 2017 EH Leadership Conference

Posted on June 15th, 2017

If you are a pastor or leader committed to building a disciple-making culture to change the world, then downloading The 2017 EH Leadership Conference may be one of the most important decisions you can make this year.

With the upcoming release of The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Courses in August (containing both The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course and The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course), we have a unique opportunity to impact the way the church globally does discipleship. Thus, we are eager to get this excellent content into the hands of as many pastors and leaders as possible.

Actually, there are five reasons for you to invest $49.99 to purchase this download package. You will receive:

1. 8 Church Leadership Video Sessions to view on demand:

  • John the Baptist: The Unlikely Emotionally Healthy Leader
  • Genogram Your Family: Going Back to Go Forward
  • Leadership That Equips People to Live in the New Family of Jesus
  • Climbing the Ladder of Integrity – for You, Your Team and Your Church
  • Slowing Down for Sabbath Delight
  • The Power of a Rule of Life to Transform Your Church
  • Clarify Expectations – a Skill from The EH Relationships Course
  • Wanted: Shepherd Leaders for the 21st Century

Each can be used as separate seminars to provide high-quality training for your team.

2. A 42 Page Conference Notebook that you can use freely in a variety of settings.

3. Two Days of Conference Power Points in a PDF for sermons, classes, and leadership development.

4. Exposure to Outstanding, Cutting-Edge Thinking on Discipleship that has been developed and refined over 30 years.

5. Equipping, on an In-Depth Leadership Level, to bring The EH Discipleship Courses to your church.

Buy Now: $49.99 ($289 value)

To sample the first Session on John the Baptist: The Unlikely Emotionally Healthy Leader, CLICK BELOW.

Blessings –


PS – All proceeds are reinvested to serve the global movement of EHS internationally.

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