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Christian Marriage as a Sign and Wonder- Part 1

Posted on December 10th, 2013

A pillar of emotionally healthy spirituality is a theology that we lead out of our marriage. This past weekend, Geri and I hosted a marriage weekend with Ron and Kathy Ferrer, founders of Living in Love.The following are a very few of the highlights I hope to integrate more deeply into our marriage and the Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference May 6-8th:

1. Marriage is a life work – a vocation with a mission. We are “sent” by God to our spouse to love passionately, permanently, intimately, totally, and unconditionally.

2. My first call in life is to be living sign of His love to the church/world in my marriage. I am to be present to Geri as God is to me.

3. Christian marriage is meant to be lived in an aura of sexual chemistry and respect.

4. To raise my children in love, I have to make love.

5. When I make what is important to you important to me, you feel important.

6. When we are in love, we are more generous.

7. If we are ever to experience passion, we have to rebuild trust. And to rebuild trust, you need forgiveness for unresolved hurts.

8. The challenge is not to die to my wife, but to live for her.

9. Couples set the level of love in the church. Superficial marriages = superficial church community.

10. If you are happy in your marriage, you will be happy. But if you are not happy in your marriage, it does not matter what else is good in your life. You will not be happy.

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