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The 4 Questions in “Christian” Decision Making

Posted on February 21st, 2014

Christian leaders ask 4 “beneath-the-iceberg” questions before making important decisions and plans:

1. How might my shadow be impacting my decisions/plan?

Is this about me proving something? Am I looking for validation from others? Is this about my own ambition? Am I free from my anxieties, disordered desires, and unhealthy attachments? Do I need to talk with a trusted friend first?

2. What impact will this decision have on God’s call for me to lead out of my marriage or singleness?

Will this lead to a diminishment in my oneness and closeness with my spouse or enhance it? As a single leader, will this decision hurt my closest, delightful relationships and ability to have a joyful life outside of work?

3. Am I making this decision from a non-anxious, anchored place of loving union with Jesus?

Is there a sense that I am striving or making something happen? Am I abiding in Jesus (John 15:1-5) or am I not in a good place to make this decision?

4. How will this decision affect my Sabbath-work rhythm?

Will this additional work or responsibility take up so much brain space, time, and energy that I won’t have much to offer myself, or others, on my Sabbath?

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