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Posted on March 9th, 2015

This past Tuesday I spoke at the Greater Toronto Prayer Breakfast to over 400 leaders serving in a wide variety of influential positions – politics, First Responders, church, para-church and nonprofit, marketplace, media and entertainment, etc. After a moving time of prayer for Canada, I shared about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS).     

While I was initially concerned how EHS might not apply directly to this broad an audience, I was taken aback from the wonderful response. I shared simply and freely for about thirty minutes. Here is an audio of the talk. I thought you might enjoy it or want to pass it on.

   Toronto Prayer Breakfast mp3      

PS- As you know, our Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference (April 22-23) is filled.  However, we are excited that we will be able to Live Stream the entire two days for free. You may want to consider setting up a TV and taking your team through the conference.  Click here to register.    


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