Church Culture Revolution

A 6-Part Vision That Deeply Changes Lives

The Church needs more than a vision of what we’re doing. We need a vision for who we are becoming.

In this free E-book, you’ll discover six keys
for growing a healthy church culture.


Imagine a church where…

  • Each person is able to slow down their pace to be with Jesus, and this is the source from which their activity flows.
  • Leaders do not pretend to be something on the outside that they are not on the inside.
  • Every member is growing in self-awareness and experiencing transformation “beneath the surface” of their lives.
  • Each person is committed to learning tools and practices in order to love others like Jesus.
  • We model God’s passionate love for the world by living out of our marriages or singleness.
  • We commission every believer to walk in the authority of Jesus at work and in daily life.

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