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10 Top Turning Point Lessons (NLF)

Posted on January 23rd, 2009

Last week we did an exercise listing our “Turning Point Lessons” out of our twenty-one year history. The following are my edits and summary out of that discussion.

  1. Character is more important than gifting. Being is more important than doing. When we have overlooked issues of character because of anointing, effectiveness, leadership abilities, etc., we have always paid a price.
  2. Don’t rush. When decisions were made quickly, without pausing to pray, think and process implications, we have had regrets. Seeing the Promised Land is one thing. The pillar of cloud and fire saying it is time to go in is another.
  3. Leaders need to take responsibility for their growth and development. My journey, along with Geri’s, has had a profound impact on NLF. As we invest time in our personal growth and development, we are shaping all those who look to us for leadership.
  4. A clear, differentiated vision results in a unified leadership and church.
  5. Sabbatical rest for leaders releases new, life-giving initiatives from God and enables them to serve out of a cup that overflows.
  6. Face the truth and act on it, even if it hurts. Great courage is needed to do this.
  7. We must enforce our values and not skim. When we have not taken the time to discern if we are really practicing what we preach, we have paid a large price.
  8. Structures must support the vision. Ones that do not need to be reworked. We are stewarding the tithes/offerings of our people, not our own.
  9. Be faithful to our “charism”. In other words, learn from other streams and ministries, but be content in our particular grace and gift from God, our unique DNA.
  10. Taking the time to reflect in order to capture insights, reflect theologically, record insights and develop new tools for discipleship has always taken us to a new level of maturity.
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