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Why Leadership Matters

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A 1-Day Experience to Transform You and Your Church


Staying Grounded in the High Stakes of Leadership: Part 2

Posted on November 27th, 2018

We need to stay grounded in Jesus, not only for his name sake, but for the world, for those we lead, for our family, and for ourselves. What we do matters; who we are matters even more.

This podcast returns to Matthew 4:1-11, looking at Jesus as our model of embracing his limits in order to stay rooted in the Father’s love and seemingly “ineffective” timetable. Satan leads Jesus up to pinnacles and high points, tempting him to pride. The Holy Spirit leads Jesus down to suffering and the cross, grounding him in humility. Each of us faces the same choice many times in our lives.

God longs to free us from a frenzied, overcommitted ministry where we attempt to live a life he never intended. Instead, he invites us to a leadership marked by contentment where we joyfully give thanks for all our limits as expressions of his love and goodness.

Join me in looking at Jesus, our Lord, our Helper, our Savior, our model of a healthy leader.


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