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Becoming a Mustard Seed

Posted on December 4th, 2018

Prior to stepping down as Lead Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church, I wondered: “What are the essence of the seeds I have planted? What are the seeds I pray the church cherishes, waters, and grasps more deeply in the years to come?” Among the seeds were this – God’s ways are little and slow, i.e. they are a mustard seed.

For those of us swimming in 21st century Western culture, this is one of the most important biblical truths from Jesus that we must allow to sink deep into the soil of our being.

Mustard seeds appear insignificant, powerless, imperceptible, and defeated. Few of us signed up to lead in this way. I surely did not! Yet Jesus pleads with us to resist the big, powerful, and sensational ways of the world and embrace his way.

This one truth, found in Mark 13:31-32, is powerful enough to transform our self-understanding, our view of the challenges around us, and the decisions we make. In fact, it is powerful enough to free us so that we actually relax in Jesus as we offer leadership to others.


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