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Sabbath: Feasting at God’s Banquet

Posted on April 1st, 2014

Scripture describes our future as the wedding feast of all wedding feasts. We will see Jesus face to face and be united with him in a massive love and joy that will last forever. On Sabbath, a 24 hour period set apart from our work, we participate in that feast.

Thomas Aquinas, in the twelfth century, talked about our craving for a happiness that is so boundless that it is almost terrifying. Sabbath slows us down to satisfy that hunger beneath all our hungers.

Christianity is not about what we have to do as leaders – “Do this. Go here. Serve this person. Go the extra mile for the work.” The Christian life is enjoying a feast, a banquet with the living God. There are few greater gifts we can give the people we serve than to stop and experience that feast on Sabbath.

And we look forward to our eternal Sabbath when we will see Jesus face to face: “Together, in one universal celebration, we will all be intoxicated on God’s holy wine, dancing forever in celebration of God’s perfect love within the Trinity, God’s perfect love for us, our perfect love for him, and our perfect love for one another. It will be a party like we’ve never known…the joys of which we can only dimly imagine” (Christopher West, Fill These Hearts).

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