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The Leadership Wall

Posted on April 4th, 2014

85% of Christians are stuck at a personal Wall in their walk with Christ. It may be that another 85% of leaders are stuck at a Leadership Wall also. In Real Power: Stages of Personal Power in Organizations, Janet O. Hagberg develops a helpful model that integrates the essential place of the Wall in our lives as leaders.

We tend to have one particular stage that best describes where we are now. Note you have to pass through one stage to get to another. Each builds on the ones that go before it. And it is possible to remain stuck in our leadership at a certain stage and choose not to move forward.

The following are the six leadership stages:

Stage 1: Powerlessness – We feel powerless, like we are being pushed around, controlled, and taken care of by others. We are dependent on others to get things done and need approval for almost everything we do.

Stage 2: Power by Association –We don’t feel, at this point, like we have much external or internal power. We are learning from mentors so we hope those with influence and control notice or nurture us. Mentors are especially important at this stage.

Stage 3: Power by Achievement – This is the exciting season when we are experiencing success in our work. Others recognize our expertise and competence. We are on the “fast track” and rewarded for it. There is a sense that we have made it.


Stage 4: Power by Reflection- The power, or influence, we enjoy now is because of our sound judgment, prudence and ability to listen well. We lead from the inside, mentor others, and are comfortable with ourselves. We are seasoned and trustworthy.

Stage 5: Power by Purpose- At this point we our uniqueness lies more fully in the strength of our inner …read more

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