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Tag Archives: leaders

New EH Leader Podcast: Emotionally Healthy Hiring

Hiring is, perhaps, the most challenging tasks of leaders (be they paid or unpaid). Poor discernment in this area results in stalled momentum, lots of extra meetings, and, often, hurt relationships.  I am not an expert on hiring, but I have made plenty of costly mistakes over the years. In this podcast Rich and I begin by talking about “emotionally unhealthy hiring” and then move into the nuances of the 5 C’s  of hiring – competence, calling, connection, character, and culture. Click below to watch the video or the link to listen to the audio file. LISTEN HERE   A blog post on the 5 C’s of Emotionally Healthy Hiring is found HERE. Thanks. Pete @petescazzero

Making Plans Without God

God’s leaders have been making plans without him since the beginning of recorded history. Abraham and Sarah grew impatient and decided Abraham would sleep with Hagar. Moses impulsively killed an Egyptian in a misguided effort. The ancient Israelites demanded a king like other nations. Jonah preferred to go in the opposite direction from God’s assignment. Judas Iscariot quit following Jesus’ slow plan to the cross and took matters in his own hands. As leaders we cast vision. The problem is that we can easily cast visions from our own minds, not the mouth of the Lord (Jer. 23:16).  As leaders we “get things done.” The problem is we may be getting them done apart from the unpredictable movements of the Holy Spirit (Jn. 3:8). As leaders we are told to grow our following. The problem is we are to be followers first (John 21:19). These are only a few of the challenges around this. Read more.

The Road Less Traveled

My recent discussions with pastors and leaders around the release of The Emotionally Healthy Leader with the continued expansion of The EHS Course has brought to light how massive and all-encompassing a paradigm shift EHS is. This is nowhere more evident than in how we define success and make decisions. The faulty belief that “bigger is always better” is deeply embedded in us. We forget that the most important thing is to do God’s will, in his way, in his timetable. How do we do that as leaders? Consider the following chart, adapted from chapter 6 in The Emotionally Healthy Leader to help you start: Let me also invite you to The Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference 2016, April 20-21 (The Leader’s Marriage Conference – April 19), to be equipped more fully on what it will look like to bring this kind of deep, beneath the surface spirituality to you, your leadership and your church.. Read more.

A Few Observations from Singapore/Malaysia

During this visit to Southeast Asia, we have given 3 different Emotionally Healthy Spirituality conferences in 3 very different venues. This included a conference for the 27 churches of the Anglican diocese of Singapore (along with a number of other churches) and the Eagle’s Leadership Conference with over 1600 leaders representing 19 countries. We joined a diverse group of speakers that included high-ranking government officials, CEO’s, bishops, pastors, and the President of Fuller Theological Seminary. While we spoke on “Leading out of Your Marriage or Singleness” to the whole conference, we also gave an all-day EHS seminar to about 200 participants that was simultaneously translated into Bhasa Indonesian, Cantonese, and Thai. The third leg of our trip was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where Pete preached at a dynamic, 3000+ member SIBKL church. Over the next two days he will be giving a conference on “Transforming Your Church through the EHS Course, EHS Skills, and. Read more.

Why Can’t We Slow Down?

Slowing down can be terrifying because doing nothing productive leaves us feeling vulnerable, emotional exposed and naked. Overworking hides these feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, not just from others but also from ourselves. As long as we keep busy, we can outrun that internal voice that says things like: I am never good enough.                   I am never safe enough.                   I am never perfect enough.                   I am never extraordinary enough.                   I am never successful enough. Do you recognize that voice? Far too many of us use workaholism to run from these shaming messages. I count myself among them, though I would consider myself more of a recovering workaholic at this point. When meeting someone for the first time we usually ask, “What do you do?” We ask because, in our time and culture, identity is defined in large part by occupation or job title. It is how we typically define ourselves. Read more.

Why Building Deep Must Precede Building High

When we build upward without building deeply, cracks form and churches lean dangerously. Manhattan consists almost entirely of bare granite, a very hard and strong type of rock. To carry the weight of a 75 or 100 story skyscraper, foundations known as “piles” are used. These are concrete or steel columns hammered into the ground with a massive crane until they penetrate solid rock. Some pilings go twenty-five stories under the ground. The heavy weight of the skyscraper is then distributed through each of the deep “piles” in the ground below. Together they are capable of supporting the structure’s enormous weight. If the pilings are drilled in poorly, cracks eventually appear in the structure. Entire buildings may lean. Then they must be torn down or lifted completely so the piles can be reset – a costly and time-consuming process. Why don’t we drill deeply into our own life in Christ, and into the lives. Read more.