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Jesus’ 7 Qualities of Spiritual Maturity – EH Leader Podcast

Posted on September 6th, 2017

I have spent a long, relaxed time in the Sermon on the Mount over the last seven months, meditating and studying what may be the greatest sermon ever delivered in human history.

The radical nature of discipleship, as laid out by Jesus, has shaken me to my core and reminded me of Karl Barth’s famous dictum: We are always only beginners.

Jesus ends Matthew chapter 5 in verse 48 with the words: Be perfect (i.e. perfectly mature) as your heavenly Father is perfect (i.e. perfectly mature). The word for perfect refers to a person coming of age, someone who is no longer a child or minor. They are now adults, i.e. spiritually mature. The question I have asked myself is: Am I really a spiritually mature adult according to Jesus’ standard?

In chapter 5:17-47, Jesus describes the qualities of spiritual maturity. They are a challenge, to say the least. In this podcast I explore each of them.

According to Jesus, mature disciples:

  • Love to obey Scripture. (vv.17-20)
  • Zealously banish resentments and anger. (vv.21-26)
  • Fight off lust to protect people’s value and honor. (vv.27-30)
  • Live with integrity in their marriages and homes. (vv.31-32)
  • Speak and live in truth. Their yes is yes and no is no. (vv.33-37)
  • Are un-defensive, poised, and creative in loving in difficult situations. (vv.38-42)
  • Love and pray for their enemies. (vv.43-47).

Listen and consider how Jesus may be calling you to grow up into spiritual adulthood today.

Empower Your Church to Really Love Others in Difficult Situations.

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