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Growing Older in the New Family of Jesus, Part 1 & 2

Posted on October 31st, 2017

When I was in my mid-fifties (I am now 61), I began to struggle with aging. This intensified as I transitioned out of my role as Senior Pastor at New Life. I became aware that a number of negative scripts around getting older from the culture and my family of origin lived inside me. So I set out to “get discipled” in aging.

I studied Scripture, read books, and met with 3 older mentors whom I respected.

The fruit of what I learned is found in these two podcasts below.

Growing Older in the New Family of Jesus – Part 1

Growing Older in the New Family of Jesus – Part 2

This is a significant discipleship issue, not only for those of us who are over fifty, but for younger pastors who are leading churches. In the year 2020, 1 in 6 Americans will be over 65. By 2030, that number will climb to 1 in 5, i.e. 20% of the population. I wish I knew this biblical perspective when I was in my early thirties and pastoring people twice my age.

II. A Discipleship of Aging
A. We are Called by God, to God, and for His Purposes till We Die.

    B. We Transition from Paid to Unpaid Work.
    C. We are Called to a Generous Life with our Time, Abilities, Energy, Money.
    D. The God of the Bible Regularly Turns Older People’s Lives Upside Down.
e.g. Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Simeon, Anna
III. The Hazards of Aging
    A. Scriptural Examples of Ending Poorly
    B. The Seven Deadly Sins
1. Pride – unwilling to learn
2. Envy – not content or thankful
3. Wrath – the desire to control
4. Sloth – No passion, no initiative, no interest to explore – #1 sin of aging.
5. Greed – not trusting God for provision
6. Gluttony – excessive consumption of good things (TV, food, etc)
7. Lust – wanting to possess others.
IV. Getting Older is a Blessing – not a Crisis.


P.S. We need to learn to put off sinful, unhealthy ways of living that are not aligned with Scripture and living in the new family of Jesus. Let me invite you to our next Live Stream Training on November 28th on how to bring The EH Relationships Course to your church/ministry.

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