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The Biggest Announcement in Our 21-Year History

Posted on November 2nd, 2017

The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Leader’s Kit

Biblical – Historic – Transformative – Experiential – Practical – Missional

Get trained to lead the Courses. FREE with your Leader’s Kit purchase.

Dear Friends of EHS,

I am thrilled to share with you the most significant release in our 21-year history of bringing Emotionally Healthy Spirituality to the church around the world – The EH Discipleship Courses Leader’s Kit. It is a revolutionary answer to the massive problem of superficial discipleship in our churches.

  • BIBLICAL   Grounding people deeply in Scripture
  • HISTORIC   Exposing people to the riches and history of the global church
  • TRANSFORMATIVE   Deeply changing people and churches
  • EXPERIENTIAL   Going beyond simply reading truth to actually doing it
  • PRACTICAL   Teaching proven skills for emotionally mature relationships
  • MISSIONAL   Making mature disciples who make disciples

To bring these Courses to your church requires training. For this reason, we have created a high-quality, live stream training experience that you can access from anywhere.

Buy The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Courses Leader’s Kit and receive this training for FREE (a $99 value).

Join us in bringing a radical discipleship that deeply changes lives for the sake of the world.



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