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I Cancelled the Leadership Conference

Posted on January 30th, 2018

Dear Leader,

I cancelled the EH Leadership Conference which we had held for the last 12 years. Why?

I decided to get rid of something good to make room for the best. That best is to train leaders like you to be champions in your church/ministry so your people will be deeply changed by Jesus for the sake of the world.

The crisis of shallow discipleship facing the global church is real. With the release of The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Courses, we can now offer a clear, serious strategy that will lead people into a deeper discipleship with Jesus and change churches.

On April 25-26, 2018 we will host The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Summita high-level training conference for Church Point leaders and their teams who are leading, or will lead, The EH Discipleship Courses in their churches.

But this Summit is not for everyone. There are prerequisites to be completed first:

  • Review the content of The EH Spirituality Course and The EH Relationships Course (Watch the DVDs, read the book / workbooks / Day by Days).
  • Your church has done, or has a plan to do, the Courses in the next year.
  • You must have attended a Live Stream Training Event on how to lead the Courses.

Your next step:

Geri and I are excited for this Summit. You will walk away with:

  • A deeper integration of EH Discipleship in your life
  • Confidence and tools to train high-quality Table Leaders
  • Mastery of the nuances and pitfalls of the Course topics and relationship skills

If you have questions, contact us at or 888-238-8905.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in April.


Pete Scazzero


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