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A Big Week for EHS

Posted on September 24th, 2014

Two very significant events happened last week.

Firstly, we launched our first one-day training for churches to implement The EHS Course. Since the EHS Course was only released in late August, we expected only about 25 people. To our great surprise, over 100 people came with some people traveling as far as Nova Scotia, California, and Chicago!  It was a great success on many levels.

Most importantly, we were able to tighten the training and more accurately rename the day “Transforming Your Church through the EHS Course.” I will be doing this live, one-day training two more times this fall – in Austin, Texas on October 17th and in Grand Rapids, Michigan on December 5th. Following this, we plan to empower our EHS Consultants to teach the course as well as offer an on-line version.

Secondly, we commenced our second cohort for EHS Certified Consultants. Forty people gathered from six different countries – Brazil, Canada, Australia, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They are being trained to equip pastors and leaders to implement EHS into churches, denominations, and movements. This very gifted group experienced our best, and most thorough training, to date. The presence of consultants from our first cohort a year ago took the experience to another level.  This will be followed now by four months of equipping through case studies, readings, and webinars.

If you have not seen the newly released EHS Course with a revised EHS workbook and excellent DVD introductions, along with the new book covers, do pick it up and go through it. We are excited as churches will begin to embed this and register their course on the new map on our website.

And of course, we are excited about the new things God has in store for EHS.


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