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6 Questions for 2014

Posted on January 3rd, 2014

These six questions come from a longer list Bobb Biehl sent me to consider as I enter into 2014. I found them helpful as I prayerfully considered them in my time with God the last couple of days. I treated them as part of my Midday and Morning Prayer. Take 2 minutes being still before the Lord, listening. Prayerfully, with journal in hand, sit with the following questions: 1. What might GOD IN HEAVEN want us to do in 2014? 2. What is our SINGLE WORD FOCUS for 2014? 3. What 3 MEASURABLE PRIORITIES should we accomplish in 2014? Of the three, which is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY? 4. What is our NUMBER ONE ROADBLOCK as we face 2014? 5. What was our single GREATEST UNEXPECTED SUCCESS of 2014?  How can we take FULL ADVANTAGE of this unexpected success? 6. What are the 3 THINGS we could do in the NEXT 90 DAYS to make a 50% DIFFERENCE in where we end 2014? After you finish, take a deep breath, offering a yes to the presence and action of God in and through you.

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