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Books that Have Shaped Me Spiritually: Part 1 (of 3)

Posted on June 27th, 2013

A friend recently asked Pete and I for some of the books that have most shaped our journey with Christ.I was surprised at how easily several came to my mind. I noticed a couple things:

  1. I follow authors more than books so each author is a person whom I respect and resonate with.
  2. I love books that, for me, are profound but nuanced in very practical ways.
  3. I read them more than once.
  4. I read them slowly and prayerfully.

Here are my first three: 1.  Let Your Life Speak… Parker Palmer 2.  A Hidden Wholeness….Parker Palmer These two books articulated for me the essential truth that life is lived from the inside out. Leadership/churches can have all the “best” programs in the world but if one is not in touch with the interior movements of their heart, then life is just a matter of adjusting chairs on the Titanic. Doing must flow from being. Know yourself to know God. And love of neighbor means you must have a self in order to love others. 3. The Prodigal Henri Nouwen Henri Nouwen is like the psalmist David – practically everything he writes speaks to the heart and the human condition. The Prodigal enabled me to see I am at times, lost younger brother or lost self-righteous older brother but want to keep moving towards being a safe, forgiving, humble, compassionate, unconditionally loving Father/Mother in the faith. Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3!

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