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The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

Posted on January 18th, 2022

It’s often difficult to pin down, but many Christians have found there is something about our spirituality that is just not working.

  • We’re committed to our church, but others experience us as unloving.
  • We read the Bible and pray regularly, but feel stuck in what we’ve always known.
  • We’re doing all the “right” things, but constantly feel rushed, unable to do it all.
Most arrive to these conclusions in a “normal” year. But the pandemic, political unrest, and economic fears have accelerated this crisis like never before.

Simply put, the great pressures from every angle have exposed critical gaps in our spirituality. In many ways, this exposure is a gift from God. But we must get serious about facing them head on.

Today, on the podcast, we launch an 8-week series in which we’ll explore the seminal work from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

In this first episode, we shine a light on the Top 10 Symptoms of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. If you are a pastor, leader, or listener and you want to know if you are actually emotionally healthy, this episode is a must listen.

You can also take our revamped Emotionally Healthy Personal Assessment. It’s completely free, and will give you a real take on how you are actually doing.

As we say – you can’t be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature.

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