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The Goals Most Leaders Overlook: Part 2

Posted on January 8th, 2019

I am a great believer in prayerfully discerning God’s vision for our work as leaders and strategically and thoughtfully setting priorities and goals to get there. The problem, however, is that our emphasis tends to be only numerical – e.g. attendance, number in small groups, giving – and a number of important goals are easily overlooked.

I spent last week expanding on the first goal we tend to overlook in our leading: investing in our own development and growth in Jesus. In this week’s podcast, I explore four other goals we frequently overlook in our leadership:

  1. Each person on our team is blossoming with a personal/ministry growth plan as a disciple of Jesus.
  2. Our team models the quality of life in Jesus that we want to give away, i.e. we embody what we seek to happen in others.
  3. Each member of our team defines success in God, thoughtfully and prayerfully, for their area.
  4. Each person on our team is engaged in the slow work of discipling/mentoring one to three others.

In summary, we are concerned with the task our people are commissioned to do as well as their personal development and transformation. Yes, this slows us down. But I trust that, as you lean into God’s wisdom for your context, you will discover as I have, the great joy and long-term fruitfulness found by broadening your definition of success.



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