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The 10 Commandments of Technology and Team

Posted on March 7th, 2014

My good friend, Lance Witt, has written Ten Commandments for our use of technology that are well-worth disseminating to your team. He expounds on them in chapter 40 of his book, Replenish:Leading from a Healthy Soul. 1. Thou shalt not use e-mail to deliver bad news. 2. Thou shalt not put anything in e-mail that you mind being forwarded…because it probably will. 3. Thou shalt not e-mail (or chat on-line) during meetings. 4. Thou shalt not use “bcc.” 5. Thou shalt be more personal than professional. 6. Thou shalt keep e-mails short and to the point. 7. Thou shalt not text or take calls while in conversation or in a meeting. 8.Thou shalt not call or e-mail people on their day off. 9. Thou shalt use e-mail for prayer and encouragement. 10. Thou shalt give phone/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter (etc.) a Sabbath. What might you add to this list?

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