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Church Culture Revolution: Part 5 – EH Leader Podcast

Posted on April 2nd, 2019

In this week’s podcast, I expand on the fifth quality of a church culture that deeply changes lives:

  1. Slowed-Down Spirituality
  2. Integrity in Leadership
  3. Beneath-the-Surface Discipleship
  4. Healthy Community
  5. Passionate Marriage and Singleness
  6. Every Person in Full-Time Ministry

Throughout the history of the church, the church has not done a good job of creating a counterculture where God’s passionate love for the world is demonstrated by people living out of their marriage or singleness

For the first fifteen hundred years of the church singleness was considered the preferred state and the best way to serve Christ. Singles sat at the front of the church. Marrieds were sent to the back. Things changed after the Reformation in 1517, when single people were sent to the back and marrieds moved to the front — ​at least among Protestants.

Scripture, however, refers to both statuses as weighty, meaningful vocations.

In this podcast I talk about how Christian marriage and singleness is different than secular marriage and singleness. For example, married couples bear witness to the depth of Christ’s love. However, singles — ​vowed or dedicated — ​bear witness to the breadth of Christ’s love. Both have implications for multiplying disciples and building Christ-filled communities.

Be sure to download our free e-book upon which this podcast is based: Church Culture Revolution: A 6-Part Vision that Deeply Changes Lives You will find that each characteristic is summarized on those pages, along with a quick assessment tool and team discussion questions.

Enjoy the podcast!

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