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Name and Embrace Your Season of Leadership

Posted on June 21st, 2022

Have you ever stopped to consider what season you are in?

Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

Many of us are expected to lead as if there is only one season – SPRING GROWTH! We push ourselves to produce measurable fruit and feel ashamed if our churches do not appear to be flourishing.

But the truth is (especially as we come out of the pandemic era) much of the church is in a WINTER season. For many, there is nothing visible or spectacular above the surface of our lives or churches. But the gift of winter is that it’s a time designed for our roots to go very deep.

When we ignore the reality of our season, not only do we constantly feel like we’re missing it, but we are unable to receive the unique gifts of God.

In fact, as I share in today’s episode, I believe I am in a FALL season. That’s why I’m making some drastic changes in my life and ministry for the foreseeable future (I’ll tell you what’s changing in this episode).

On today’s podcast, together we’ll explore how to discern and navigate our unique leadership seasons.

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