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Leadership, Heaven, and the Love of God

Posted on August 20th, 2013

Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153 AD) was the greatest Christian leader in Western Christendom in the 12th century. He was a very active abbot with a “sphere of influence” over tens of thousands throughout Europe. I spent a good part of my annual retreat last week pondering just one of the insights from his sermons on the Song of Songs  — that our thirst for God, and His love, only increases through eternity!     All I could think of was what a contrast this was to the leadership seminars and books we promote in our day. Bernard writes that in heaven:

  • We find satiety (i.e. the state of being full beyond the point of satisfaction) without the sense of having indulged too much.
  • We find a desire to penetrate deeper that which is never quenched, yet which has no sense of unrest about it.
  • We experience the eternal and incomprehensible desire that knows no lack.
  • We live in a state of sober intoxication that does not come from drinking wine. This state does not result from being drenched with wine but from being set afire for God.

“For it is a fact that this happy discovery does not extinguish desire but extends it…Happiness is complete, but there is no end to desiring, and because of this the search goes on.” Bernard is right. Heaven is not only our homeland as Christ-followers, but the reality that gives us a healthy perspective and grounding to all our leadership. Think about it.

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