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[Leadership Case Studies] Navigating Power and Dual Relationships

Posted on August 3rd, 2021

Every leader exercises the stewardship of power. This may be positional power, personal power, relational power, or cultural power. Whatever form it takes, power is the ability to influence others.

Every leader also has dual relationships. For example, your boss may also be your friend. Your spouse may also be a co-worker. Or, a church member may also be a mentor.

For church leaders who value community and deep relationships, the proper use of power and dual relationships can be extremely confusing.

Lawyers, doctors, and therapists are able to maintain clear boundaries with their clients and patients. But for pastors and church leaders, deeply embedded in their communities, this requires a high level of self-awareness and clarity.

When power and dual relationships in your church are not carefully considered, you may be on the road to deep pain, confusion, and division.

In this episode, I read five case studies from leaders who are navigating this delicate tension and I draw from difficult personal lessons I’ve learned to offer leadership wisdom.

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