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If Christians Could be Honest about These 10 Things (Part 2)

Posted on February 6th, 2013

What would happen if Christians could be honest about:

  1. Why there is so much religious pathology in the church.  (There is quite a bit of pathology in all fields – from business to athletics to academia to construction workers.)
  2. Why so many young people leave the church. (Our spiritual formation often does not prepare them well for the doubts that come with leaving the “nest”. Yet this can be, at times, a healthy differentiation process for their development.)
  3. Why so many Christians don’t deal with their own “stuff”. (It is the same reason many non-Christians do not – it is very difficult.)
  4. Why we don’t live what we believe. (Few people in all walks of life do. This takes great integrity and awareness).
  5. Why life is still hard. (“He sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” Matt. 5:45. This will not change this side of heaven).
  6. Why there is so much hypocrisy in the church. (This is universal outside the church as well. This is our great task in leadership – to enable people to be congruent, i.e. being the same person inside and out.)
  7. Why betrayal eventually visits every Christian. (Jesus said a student is not above their master. No exceptions here).
  8. Why racism, classism, and sexism persist in the church. (To change 1000’s of years of sinful behavior requires profound transformation of the human heart along with courageous leadership. It is a slow process).
  9. Why so many people in churches are judgmental. (This requires high level maturity, skills, and a very healthy community. Who isn’t still working on this?)
  10. Why the church cannot meet all our needs. (God never meant any local community to do so).
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