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Hard Lessons from the Life of Jacob: Part 1 – EH Leader Podcast

Posted on February 5th, 2019

Jacob offers us a rich study of leadership. While he was richly blessed by God – chosen, destined to greatness, and deeply loved – he struggled to rest in that reality. Instead, we observe him as manipulative, aggressive, and restless. His very name meant “cheat or grabber!” Over the next few weeks we will look at a number of stories out of his life that come out of his earthly spirituality – while traveling, in conflicts, and with his family.

I can relate to Jacob. I trust you can also.

In this message I unpack the lessons of Jacob’s exploitation of Esau to ensure he gets God’s blessings for the future (cf. Genesis 25:21-34). This fear drives him to manipulate circumstances, and his brother, with devastating consequences. Jacob shows us that true spirituality is not about grabbing or controlling, but about resting, trusting and surrendering to God’s love and plans, even when they unfold more slowly than we like.


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