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Generational Racism: Using the Genogram to See and Slay It

Posted on June 8th, 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, Americans and people around the globe are expressing outrage and grief on a level I’ve never seem in my lifetime. It appears to be a moment in which God is doing something significant in the world and the church.

In this podcast, I offer one of the major contributions of EH Discipleship to this issue–the genogram as a tool to unlock the roots of generational racism in our families, cultures, countries, and institutions. Geri and I spent over 17 years developing this tool because of its unique power to help us get at roots in our discipleship with and for Jesus.

I look at my particular genogram from the perspective of how issues of race were handled, and what was passed on to me growing up as an Italian American. I then talk about my journey as a new believer and, eventually a pastor, with bridging race, class and culture.  And, how God used the genogram, and EH Discipleship as a whole, to enable us to become a healing, transformative community in ways far beyond anything we could have imagined.

I invite you, and your team, to engage in an expanded experience with one of our Team Transformational Videos called: Explore Your Genogram – on a personal, racial, and church level – as you consider what God’s next steps for you might be.


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