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Climb the Ladder of Integrity – EH Leader Podcast

Posted on July 17th, 2018

If you will master The Ladder of Integrity, the theme of this podcast, you will live more freely and joyfully as a leader. You will waste a lot less energy living in reaction to the expectations, demands and agendas of others so that you can invest your energy in what God has given you to do.

When helping a pastor/leader who is struggling with an inner conflict, I often ask, “What is your integrity calling you to do?” Most hesitate before responding because they have rarely thought deeply about what they believe and value. They have seldom considered the dissonance between their outer and inner life, between their actions and their values.

Twenty-one years ago, Geri and I began developing practical skills to help us (and others) live with greater integrity and clarity amidst the complexities of church leadership. These became the core of we call today The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course. One tool, in particular, was particularly indispensable –the Ladder of Integrity.

In this podcast, I introduce this tool. Simple yet powerful, it is to be used when something is bothering you. It is intended to help us when we are feeling angry, frustrated, or hurt in a relationship or a situation. Often times, it is because something important to you, i.e. something you value, has been violated.


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