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“American Dream” Believers

Posted on May 5th, 2016

We have to acknowledge we are confronting a growing number of “American Dream” believers in our churches.

They are believers in Jesus but not necessarily disciples. They’ve accepted Him as their Savior. They attend church faithfully. They contribute financially and occasionally serve.

But they are not disciples (in the biblical sense of the word) who orient their entire lives to follow Jesus, surrendering to His will and love, allowing Him to change him/her for the sake of the world. Their decisions, priorities, and commitments are shaped by their pursuit of the American Dream for them and their family.

A typical “Rule of Life” for a father of two may look something like the chart below:

American Dream1

Os Guiness has written that, due to the combination of capitalism, technology, and modern communications, the most powerful civilization ever—a global culture—has been formed. This global culture is the beast (as described in the Book of Revelation) that threatens to swallow us.

So what are we to do? First, we need to create our own “Rule of Life” with the love of Jesus in the center so that we are liberated from the idols around us. And secondly, we must lead our people to a first-hand relationship with Jesus, calling them to a radical, new center around Him who alone has the power to set us all free to be a gift for the world.


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