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4 Ways to Flourish in the Midst of Chaos

Posted on March 31st, 2020

Geri joins me in this podcast as we share four ways to transition from surviving to flourishing during this COVID-19 pandemic. Using the framework of a Rule of Life (an intentional tool to help us remain in the center of God’s love), we share ways to structure our days amidst our involuntary isolation.

Looking at the four areas of prayer, rest, relationships and work, we provide examples from our own lives to stimulate your thinking before God so you can create your own Rule of Life:

In this podcast, we seek to answer the questions:
Prayer – How do we rest in His love, and be still before Him, with all the anxiety around us? How do we pour out our sadness, anger, and fear before the Lord?

Rest – How do we intentionally rest from paid and unpaid work each day rather than live in the guilt and anxiety of feeling unproductive?

Relationships – How do we meet our fundamental human need for social and emotional attachment?

Work – How do we focus our work within boundaries in this new reality so we can experience Jesus’ peace?


P.S. Be sure to go to the free Team Transformation Video on  ‘Crafting a Rule of Life’ to download the worksheet above and get a clear teaching, with guidelines, as you integrate an intentional plan and structure for your life.

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