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4 Reasons We Must Reclaim a Deep Spirituality Amidst Upheavals and Turmoil

Posted on June 23rd, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic, the global outrage over racial injustice, and the global recession have exposed us, and put pressure on us as the church, in uncomfortable ways. We must change, for example, the scorecard for success from attendance and large gatherings, to a deep transformational discipleship for every single person in our church.

But this deep transformational discipleship must start with us. This podcast is my passionate plea to respond to God’s invitation to take your next steps to deepen your relationship with him, integrating more deeply into your life, practices such as silence, solitude, Scripture, Sabbath-keeping, spiritual companions, and healthy self-care.

I am increasingly alarmed as I talk with pastors and leaders. We are busier, more anxious, and less anchored than before these crisis – not less. Yet I believe God is inviting us to offer a new kind of prophetic leadership to those we lead out of a deep place with him.

I offer four compelling reasons to radically adjust our lives and to reclaim this level of a deep spirituality:

  1. It keeps us grounded;
  2. It gives us perspective;
  3. It enables us to lead with integrity; and
  4. It enables us to trust and to wait in the dark- regardless of what the future might bring.


Pete Scazzero

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