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Posted on April 14th, 2008

ANOTHER BLOG? YES, BUT UNLIKE AN ARTICLE OR TRAINING LESSON, THESE ENTRIES INVITE YOU INTO MY WORLD, MY EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY SPIRITUALITY JOURNEY. OFTEN, YOU HEAR THE INSIGHTS OF AUTHORS OR SPEAKERS FROM THEIR BOOKS AND SEMINARS. YOU WONDER, “WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON IN THEIR LIFE AND WALK?” “HOW ARE THEY LIVING OUT THEIR OWN MESSAGE?” IT IS WITH THESE QUESTIONS IN MIND THAT I HAVE CHOSEN TO DO A BLOG. My hope for this Blog is to invite you to join with me and participate on this journey into Emotionally Healthy Spirituality that God began in my life over twelve years ago. It has been an incredible journey that continues to unfold in significant (I am tempted to say “dramatic”, but “surprising” may be best) ways – for my personal life, marriage with Geri and the local church I pastor here in Queens. Since I take Fridays as my day off and Saturday is a Sabbath, I hope to blog four days a week – from Mondays to Thursdays. This Blog is meant not to be a training tool, but an invitation to join in my EHS journey, and together we will live out this message of health and contemplative living. My desire is to share with you my thoughts / musings / listenings from God and invite you to comment and offer your comments in return. We are in a process / dialog together. My prayer through this conversation is that we will identify the deep roadblocks that keep the church and us unhealthy – both emotionally and spiritually.

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