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The Four Planted Seeds of 26 Years at NLF

Posted on October 3rd, 2013

I have spent 26 years planting New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NYC. That is over a quarter of a century ago.

That was my assigned task from God (1 Cor. 3:5-11). It has been a great journey. On Sunday I will hand over the “watering of these seeds” to Rich Villodas, my 34 year-old successor. (I will then take my new role as Teaching Pastor/Pastor-at-Large in NLF).

For months I pondered the final sermon I would offer to the NLF family. What is the essence of the seeds I have planted? What are the seeds I pray they cherish, water, and grasp more deeply in the years to come?

I distilled the answer to four seeds:
1. Being precedes doing
2. God is hidden in the marginalized
3. Race matters
4. God’s ways are little and slow.

Take a look. You can also download the mp3 also from the NLF website.

26 Years of Lessons at NLF from New Life Fellowship on Vimeo.

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