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Leading out of Your Marriage

Christian marriage (in contrast to secular marriage) is a paradigm shift so radical that it transforms our leadership, our relationships, our parenting, our decision-making, our team building, our missional strategies, etc. Virtually nothing remains the same once we “get” this shift. The chart below lays out the contrast between the two: May God give us grace to develop marriages that are a sign and wonder that point to Jesus and offer a visible picture of the depth of God’s love for the world. –Pete Twitter @petescazzero

Power and Wise Boundaries

The most painful lessons I’ve learned in thirty-five years of Christian leadership have involved the exercise of power and having wise boundaries. The minefields surrounding the use of power are rarely acknowledged, much less openly discussed, in Christian circles. How do I handle dual relationships (e.g. when I am both pastor, friend and employer)? What are the boundaries I need to set with people whom I serve? How do I respond when inappropriate people, at inappropriate times, exert power? These are only a few of the many issues around this critically important topic.  In fact this was the impetus for me to write The Emotionally Healthy Leader. Take some time with the chart below.  It will give a quick overview of the core issues around applying EHS to power and wise boundaries.PS  Send me your comments and thoughts on Twitter @petescazzero.

The EHS Course – One Answer to the Crisis of Discipleship

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on the crisis of discipleship in our churches…   …based on the recent Barna Report on The State of Discipleship. It discovered, for example, that only 1% of church leaders believe “today’s churches are doing very well at discipling new and young believers.” Moreover, participation in discipleship activities in our churches is as low as 20%! We currently emphasize numbers, and keeping people connected/active. The problem is that, not only is this not changing their lives, but is resulting in minimal missional impact. A transformation discipleship model, however, is quite different. It gets beneath the surface in people’s lives, but results in a greater, long-term impact in the world. Their lives become so filled with Jesus that it cannot help but overflow to others. The EHS Course is the fruit of 20 years of wrestling with the problem of superficial discipleship.  We have seen its power. Read more.