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Slay the Dragon of Wrong Assumptions

Posted on October 3rd, 2023

Leadership can be a painful journey – especially in a church or ministry that depends on the depth and quality of the relationships within.

Yet, in over 4 decades of leadership, I’ve found that so much of this pain is completely UNNECESSARY.

Why? Because much of the pain we experience is the fruit of wrong assumptions.

Assumptions are like a dragon that seeks to destroy our well-being.

·      People quit their jobs over wrong assumptions
·      Churches split over wrong assumptions
·      Couples divorce over wrong assumptions
·      Families stop talking to one another over wrong assumptions.
When you and I make assumptions about others without checking them out, it’s easy to start telling ourselves stories about them in our heads that are not true. We are bearing false witness in our own thoughts, resulting in damaged relationships.

The principle is simple: NEVER assume you know what a person is thinking or feeling.   
On today’s podcast, I’m joined by my wife Geri, as we explore the second of 8 essential relationship skills that every leader must adopt in order to unleash the God-given voice of our people.

This skill is called “STOP MIND READING”, and once you learn this, it could very well save your life and ministry.

Take a listen to today’s podcast.

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