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Sabbaticals Pt. 2: How to Plan for a Transformational Sabbatical

Posted on December 7th, 2021

Last week on the podcast, I explored WHY every leader must seriously consider the restorative practice of entering a sabbatical. For those who sent in questions and responses, your feedback was invaluable! Thank you!

As you can imagine, while most leaders know they need a sabbatical, they cannot figure HOW on earth to make it a reality.

In today’s podcast, I explore the nuts and bolts and best practices of planning for a sabbatical.

Hint: It takes advance planning, prayer, and thoughtfulness in order to do well.

This is why some sabbaticals are transformational… and others are a flop.

If you or someone on your team is planning for a sabbatical in the next 1 – 3 years, I strongly encourage you to make time for today’s podcast. You may even want to share with your team.

And if this content is helpful, feel free to leave me a comment on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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