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Have you committed to embedding the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course into your Church or do you need help convincing your leadership to integrate the course? Here are 8 great reasons that you should embed the EHS Course into your Church: 1) Offers long-term sustainability for EHS in a church so it is not dependent on the senior pastor. 2) Provides regular testimonies of life-change. 3) Enables leadership to maintain the quality/DNA to newcomers and members to the church. 4) Raises up new leaders and “water carriers” of EHS throughout the church. 5) Serves as a call to deep, beneath the surface, radical discipleship in the church. 6) Cements members in the core values of the church. 7) Moves people from being “consumers” to servants/leaders. 8) Provides a bridge for people into the larger EHS vision found in “Characteristics of Churches Transformed by EHS“.  

You Know You Need a Sabbath When…

You know you need a Sabbath when: The only time you are alone is in the bathroom. It takes you over thirty minutes to fall asleep because your mind is racing about things you forgot to do. You think rest is standing still in traffic. You go to check your e-mail for a moment and are still there an hour later. You cannot remember anything you ate the last 3 days. You drove upstate for an hour and had so much on your mind that when you arrived, you are not sure how you got there. You don’t know what day it is. You find yourself jealous and angry when someone else is enjoying life. When you can’t remember the last time you sat down to eat breakfast When you tweet during movie, text during dinner, read e mail during meetings and classes, and learn about your spouse’s day from Facebook. Sabbath is as. Read more.