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Your Body is a Major, not Minor Prophet

Geri and I like often to remind people: “Remember, the body is a major, not a minor prophet.” For this reason, one of the most significant indicators that all is well with our souls, that we are in loving union with Jesus, is that every cell in our body is relaxed. Why? Our bodies often know before our minds the state of our souls. When our lives are out of control, our stomach gets knotted, our neck tight, a tightness fills our shoulders, our fingers close up into a fist, our body posture closes up. For this reason, it is number one on our list of top signs below. (Geri reminded me of a 13th sign that I had omitted in Tuesday’s blog. Please note that below). Top 13 signs of not being loving union with Jesus 1. I feel anxiety in the tenseness and tightness in my body. 2. I am not present. Read more.