How Emotionally Healthy is Your Leadership Team?

Free webinar w/ Pete Scazzero

September 5, 2017 @ 2 PM EST


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2016 Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference Live Stream Opens

I am very excited this year for our 2016 EH Leadership Conference! God has met us these past 12 months in two very significant ways. First, after 8 years of work, I released The Emotionally Healthy Leader. This took us into new applications of EHS through the integration of a deep, interior spirituality with the outer tasks of leadership we deal with every day (e.g. planning and decision making). Secondly, after 20 years of working with churches around the world, God has given us a clear pathway of how to help churches implement discipleship that truly changes people’s lives — The EHS Course and The EHS Relationships Course. We at EHS have worked hard in making this available so you can lead your people into deep, beneath-the-surface transformation. I encourage you to REGISTER TODAY and join us via Live Stream with your team from April 20th thru April 21st. You, your team, your church, and your impact in the world. Read more.


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